A conditional statement which will return true only when the value on the left side of the sign is greater than or equal to the value on the right side of the sign.

This is equivalent to not(value1<value2. This is also equal to value2value1

Location Edit


  • TEST (2nd MATH)
  • TEST
  • 5:≥


  • ◇ + 1


  • ctrl + >

Example Edit

:Input "NUMBER:",X
:If X≥5:Then
:Output(1,1,"MORE THAN 5 OR 5
:Output(1,1,"NOT MORE THAN 5 OR 5

This program will only print MORE THAN 5 OR 5 if the number the user inputted is greater than 5 or is 5. An input of either 5 or 6 would give the same result.