Will clear any text that was on the home screen before the command was executed.

On the TI-84, the Home Screen is the IO Screen. However, the TI-89 separates the two screens, so ClrIO will clear any program output, and ClrHome will only clear the Home Screen.

Location Edit

  • PRGM
  • I/O
  • 8:ClrHome

Example Edit


This program will display a series of numbers on the calculator screen. When the user presses "ENTER", the text will be cleared.

:Output 1,1,"1234567890123456
:Output 20,1,"7890123456789012

This will populate the IO Screen with a series of numbers. It will also clear the Home Screen. The IO Screen will not be cleared.

See Also Edit

  • ClrDraw - to clear the graph screen
  • ClrIO - clear output/input on the TI-89