:Disp text

A Disp command will display text or a variable on the next line of the output screen. Unlike Output(, Disp will not flow text to the next line, but it will scroll the screen if it needs a new line to write to.

Disp can accept anything that can be displayed as text as a parameter: Reals, Strings, Lists and Matricies are all acceptable parameters.

In TI-BASIC 84, Real and Complex values will be right aligned, everything else will be left aligned. In TI-BASIC 89, All values are left aligned.

:Disp text1,text2[,text3,...,textn]

If there are multiple lines to display, multiple parameters can be used. Each parameter will be displayed on a new line. Parameters are separated with commas.


In TI-BASIC 84, this will show the Home Screen. In TI-BASIC 89, this shows the PrgmIO Screen.

Location Edit

  • PRGM
  • I/O
  • 3: Disp

Example Edit

:Prompt R,H

The last line :Disp "VOLUME IS",V will display the string VOLUME IS and because of the , it will show the value of V on the next line. By entering 1.5 as the Radius (R) and 3 as the height (H) it will calculate the volume (V) of a cylinder like this:


See Also Edit

  • Output( - allows the selection of where to put text
  • DispGraph - show the Graph
  • DispTable - show the table
  • Horiz - show the graph and the home screen
  • Full - before Disp, show only the home screen