(84) :For(Variable,start,end):commands:End
(89) :For Variable,start,end:commands:EndFor

This will repeat the commands for each value of the variable between start and end.

Commonly used in programs as an unpassable delay. Essential command for Animation on a graphing calculator, since this can create delays smaller than one second, the minimum amount of time Timers can measure.

(84) :For(Variable,start,end,step):commands:End
(89) :For Variable,start,end,step:commands:EndFor

This is the same as the previous command, except it will calculate all values between start and end with increments of step, rather than one.

Location Edit


  • Prgm
  • CTL
  • 4:For(


  • F2:Control
  • 4:For...EndFor

Examples Edit

:Disp X
:If Int(X)=X: Pause

This program will display 1, 1.2, 1.4, 1.6, 1.8, etc. and pause after reaching each whole number.

:Disp "WAIT"

This program will display "WAIT", then it will seemingly stop as it calculates values of X between 1 and 250, creating a break. When it finishes, it will display "FINISHED"