We will be learning about the basics and how to create a 'Hello World' then Pause program.

Starting Out Edit

Creating the program Edit

Click the PRGM key then use the right arrow until NEW is highlighted. Press ENTER and you should get a screen like this:


Go ahead and enter any name you want. HELLO would work well. Name must be only A-Z and numbers.

Now for the commands Edit

Let's go ahead and put in some commands. We will make a simple Hello World program. Let's press PRGM then press the right arrow once then scroll down to Disp and press ENTER. You should get this:


Go ahead and put a quote (above + key). Then put your HELLO WORLD message and finish it off with a quote. Then just press ENTER to start a new line. Press PRGM then scroll down to 8:Pause and press ENTER.

You should now have something like this:


Explanation Edit

PROGRAM:HELLO          <-- Title
:Disp"HELLO WORLD"     <-- Displays "HELLO WORLD" to the user
:Pause                 <-- Pauses the program until the user presses enter

Result Edit

It Will Display this:


Then it will pause on that, disabling all the buttons except ON and ENTER. When the user presses ENTER the program will finish.

Conclusion Edit

Way to go, you made your first program!