:Lbl LabelCode       "LabelCode is a two-character alphanumeric sequence

The Lbl command divides the program into sections that can be returned to by the program at any time using a Goto command with the same number or letter combination.

Location Edit

  • Prgm
  • CTL
  • 9:Lbl

Example Edit

:Input "NUMBER",X
:If X=5:Then
:Goto 1
:Goto A
:Lbl 1
:Disp "YOU CHOSE 5"
:Goto 2B
:Lbl A
:Goto 2B
:Lbl 2B
:Disp "THE END"

This program asks the user to input a number. If the number is 5, the program will display "YOU CHOSE 5" followed by "THE END". If the number is not 5, the program displays "YOU DIDN'T CHOOSE 5" followed by "THE END". Notice that labels can be numbers, letters, or both.