Math Programs are programs made to perform mathematic calculations or perform other functions. TI-BASIC is capable of creating programs to perform virtually any mathematical function.

Program Edit

Needed Commands: →, Input, Output(, ClrHome

For our example, we are going to make a simple program that will peform the quadratic equation. In other words, when the A, B, and C variables from a quadratic equation are inputed, it will solve for X. We start with the familiar quadratic equation:


Notice that because there is no +/- symbol in TI-BASIC, you must create two separate equations in case the solution is negative. The rest of the program is fairly simple.

:Input "A=",A
:Input "B=",B
:Input "C=",C

With only these 13 lines of code, you have created a very powerful program that can save you a lot of time. Math programs can be created to do a wide array of tasks, including:

  • Do conversions from Metric to English measurements
  • Solve equations that come up a lot (much like the Quadratic Equation
  • Quickly find the average in a set of numbers