A matrix is a two dimensional array of numbers.

A matrix can be dimensioned in any of the following ways:


(89) :[number,number] (single row matrix)
(89) :[number,number;number,number]

To change an indiviual entry in a matrix, use

(84) :number→matrixName(row,column)
(89) :number→matrixName[row,column]

To access an individual entry in a matrix, use

(84) :matrixName(row,column)
(89) :matrixName[row,column]


TI-89 In TI-89, like all variables, any variable name can store a list.


[A] through [J]


Matrix example

The Matrix on the right can be produced with the code [[G,randInt(1,5)][6.7,2]] or [G,randInt(1,5);6.7,2].

Elementary row operationsEdit

There are four commands that correspond to the three elementary row operations, which are often used in solving equations using matrices. They are:

Row Command TI-84 TI-89
Interchange RowSwap( RowSwap(
Scaling *row( mRowAdd(
Replacement row+( or
RowAdd( or