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An example of a three item menu; the title is at the top and the three options are listed sequentially below

:Menu("MENU TITLE",String1,labelcode1,[String2,labelcode2,...,String7,labelcode7])

This will create a nice looking, scrollable menu where MENU TITLE is displayed at the top of the screen as white text highlighted in black, then have Option 1 through Option N, where the number after each option will direct the user to the corresponding Lbl if the option is chosen.

Location Edit

  • Prgm
  • CTL
  • C:Menu

Example Edit

:Menu("CHOOSE PLEASE","CAT",1,"DOG",2)
:Lbl 1
:Goto 3
:Lbl 2
 :Goto 3
 :Lbl 3
 :Disp "THE END"

In this program, the user is asked to chose either CAT or DOG from a menu. If they chose CAT, they see "YOU CHOSE CAT" followed by "THE END". If they chose DOG, they see "YOU CHOSE DOG" followed by "THE END".