The purpose of this section of the TI-BASIC Wiki is to teach both the basics and more advanced aspects of the TI-BASIC programming language. Although the books intentions are to instruct newcomers with no previous TI-Basic programming knowledge or experience, those who have some experience in programming can use the table of contents to inform themselves on certain aspects of the language, like optimizing code or learning the small yet important differences between certain loop types. Hopefully, the Wiki Community can contribute a vast amount of useful TI-Basic programming knowledge, which will allow this book to provide a much more in-depth look at TI-Basic. Currently, this book only provides information regarding TI-BASIC programming on the TI-83+ or 84+. Of course, the Silver Editions of the two calculators can be used with this guide.

In order to learn the language and programming skills from beginning to end, it is suggested that one starts with this page, the Introduction, and use the links at the bottom of each page to move on to the next chapter.

For other versions of TI-BASIC, See TI-Basic Programming.

  1. Introduction
  2. A Basic Program
  3. Basic Variables
  4. Output
  5. Input
  6. Conditional Functions
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