Opening the program

To begin programming in TI-Basic, one must first open the Program Editor PGRM:NEW. Then enter the desired name of the program and press enter. If done correctly, the program should be completely blank. The following examples are the only examples that will show the actual program name, all others will asssume that the name is present.

It should also be noted that it is assumed for the sake of this chapter that the name of the program is TEMP.


Hitting the ENTER key will add a new line. Thus, if you were on the first line of a program, the display would look like this:


But after pressing ENTER, it would look like this:


Hello, World

Now, one of the most very basic programs will be created: Hello, World!

Follow the list of commands as follows:

  1. PGRM:I/O:8 (ClrHome)
  2. PGRM:I/O:3 (Display)
  3. "HELLO, WORLD!"

If you followed the commands, the program should look like -


To run the program, press 2nd:Quit(Mode) then PGRM, find the program name, and hit enter. The calculator should have the program name prefixed by 'pgrm' on the homescreen. Press enter and the program should run, displaying:


And that's your first program. An explanation of each commmand used can be found in the following chapters.

If you need to edit the program, go to PGRM:EDIT then find the name of the program.

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